It’s astonishing today that there are still approximately 43% of small businesses do not have a website! We are not living in the horse and buggy days anymore. For any business to grow today a site may be more critical than the brick-and-mortar building that houses it. This virtual real estate must be established just as a miner would stake a claim for a gold mine.

Here are five of the primary reasons why you need a website. Of course, there are more reasons than this, but we’re going to stick with just five for the time being.

1-The single biggest reason why anyone or any business needs a website is that your customers expect it. There’s just something odd about a company today that doesn’t have, and it causes suspicion in the minds of your existing and potential customers. They want to know about you. They want to be able to look you up. They want your address or phone number or place to contact somebody with a question. Any business without a website is like a car without wheels, gas or an engine. Yes, the rest of it works, and it may look nice, but it isn’t going anywhere.

2-A website is the single most crucial aspect in any marketing or advertising for your business. Newspapers made money by selling advertisements to local businesses. Along came the radio which could send out a message to anybody on the right channel. The television came together and demonstrated products and services in full color showing that they worked as performed by a beautiful model….