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Improve your credibility, brand awareness and sales! Save money on Marketing by connecting directly with your customers or patients and telling them of new services or reminding them of appointments. They are also HIPAA Compliant!

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    The single best way to Advertise today: One-To-One

    In the early days of Facebook when you had 100 friends, you could make a post and about 95 of them would see it. Now you’re lucky if three of them see it.

    Why is that?

    Because Facebook knows there is value in sending messages to people you are connected with and they want to be paid for it so now they require you to boost your posts in order for your original contacts to see it.

    If you want to find new customers, then you have to use their ad campaign to broadcast to those who fit your desired demographics. Every one of those people is given a particular value based on their need and is called a lead.

    How would you like a way to control that precious two-way communication between you and your customer without Facebook getting in the way?

    Without Google getting in the way?

    You can send a message to them anytime you want!

    The following types of businesses find extreme value in this type of advertising:

    • Doctors
    • Chiropractors
    • Auto Dealers
    • Hair Salons

    • Restaurants
    • Bars

    • Churches
    • Musicians
    • Cleaning Companies
    • Dog and Cat Groomers
    • Entertainment Arenas
    • Entertainment Arenas
    • Painters

    • Ballparks
    • Exercise Facilities
    • Celebrities
    • Furniture Dealers
    • Appliance Repair
    • DJ’s
    • Home Maintenance and Repair

    • Insurance
    • Leasing Equipment

    • Dentists
    • Orthopedics
    • Roofers
    • Cosmetic Doctors

    • Landscapers

    • Travel Agents
    • NutritionIsts
    • Wellness Experts

    • Real Estate Agents

    • Grocery Stores

    • Contractors

    • Car Washes
    • Carpet Cleaners
    • Golf Shops
    • Massage Stores
    • Therapy
    • Wine Stores
    • Boat Rentals
    • Etc.

    In the past, people used email to try to reach these people once they were on the list. Now, the industry averages around 8%-21% open rate for email marketing to people on your list!

    There is a way that you can reach your customer any time of the day or night and get over 95% open rate on those advertisements you sent to them!

    What is that technology?

    It’s called an App. Does your business have an App?

    80% of all successful businesses have an app for their business, including McDonald’s, Macy’s, Target, and hundreds of other large companies.

    Sadly, 95% of all businesses do not have an App. Why?

    Because they don’t understand what it can do. We are here to tell you that we can create an app for your business that will allow you to do just about any kind of marketing you want to do for your business.

    But an App can do more than just marketing for your business. These can be powerful tools that allow you to streamline your workload and get accurate measurements. We have a customer who uses it to install carpet. He walks around the house with his cell phone using an app to measure the entire floor to give an accurate estimate.

    There are medical apps that are fully HIPAA compliant and allow doctors the ability to diagnose problems and prescribe medications.

    There is so much more than an App can do! Let us know what you need!

    Contact us today to talk about how an app might work for your business because we are optimistic that once you see what it can do, the light will go on in your head, and you will want one immediately.


    Apps Increase Two-Way Communications

    Tell visitors a bit more about your campaign and explain why they should join. Is this a once in a lifetime opportunity? A special event with influential speakers? Or maybe there is limited space, and you want visitors to know so they register now to secure their spot.

    Why Your Business Needs an App

    Most business can really use an App, but they don’t think they can afford one and don’t know about what is now available.

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