Lets review the latest information on this subject.

When I first got into Internet marketing I bought every stinking program there was that promised me I could get my clients on the first page of Google. I quickly learned a very expensive lesson: they all worked for a short time until Google figured out what they were doing and then they didn’t work anymore.

A lot of things have changed in the last 14 years and I have to say most of the results have been legitimate and positive. No longer is it easy to get on the first page of Google just by cramming in a thousand keywords on your website.

But some other things have been very frustrating for local businesses. Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore, there’s only three places for map settings (instead of seven) and it all just seems so unfair.

Let’s face reality folks. It still works. It still brings in business and is worth the effort to do so.

The highly competitive industries like locksmiths, injury attorneys, insurance, loans, mortgages, etc. are very difficult to rank a local business for. Why is that? Because of competition. It’s our opinion that If you are involved in any of those highly competitive industries that you will seriously consider our Google AdWords program. Yes the costs per click are quite high, but you could be making money from the sales along the way and not have to waste a great deal of time and energy required to get on the first page in an organic fashion.

But for just about every other industry, it is still worth doing it the right way because the rewards can last for years. Contact us today to see about customizing a first page ranking program for your business. If you want to go the Google AdWords route, we can handle that too. If you want to look at Facebook and using their advertising program, we are total experts at it.

Both of these giant behemoths can produce new leads and business for your company, but they handle things very differently. That is a subject for another blog post.

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