Is it worth the time and money to acquire reviews of your Business?

You’re probably sick of reviews right? You’re sick of reading them and sick of being asked to provide them from every business that you attend or every website that you visit. There’s only one problem though: as much as you don’t like asking your customers for them, reviews matter.

There is no industry nowadays that is not immune from the power of a review. In the old days reviews were forged and all kinds of problems arose with phony reviews. Google and Facebook and other large online portals put a squash to all of the fake reviews and so just about any reviews that you read nowadays are real.

But many businesses just don’t know how to deal with them. They think that people don’t care about them or read them or pay much attention to them. They are incorrect. They are big business. They have a tremendous amount of power!

Let’s take a look at the movie industry, something I’m sure you’re not involved in. You may not think that this has much relevance to your business, but that would also be incorrect. An entire multi gazillion dollar industry like the movies has been dramatically affected by such websites as and there is many a director, producer and screenwriter that loathes that website and wishes it didn’t exist.

But what’s the positive effect that has come about because of it? In many ways the movies have become better and the industry has had to take drastic action and pay more attention to their product when before they could do whatever they wanted.

Every local business is listed in and believe me, there is many a business that loathes that website too. They hate it and wish there is something they could do about it. Yelp has gone through a dramatic transformation over the years and has improved the review process, because in all honesty they were not being fair with how they were handling these things.

Facebook has become the central point of just about every aspect of marketing and a negative review there can mean a significant loss and damage to reputation. There is no other website with which more people can be reached in such a quick timeframe. Every industry on this planet now depends on Facebook for just about everything. It is absolutely critical that you show positive reviews on it regarding your business.

But I know where all of this is leading. I know what you’re worried about is a business owner or manager. It’s just too overwhelming to deal with! They know the problems. They think it is an enormous amount of work to deal with. They are hoping beyond all reason that none of it matters, but it does.

That’s where we come in. For literally just a few hundred dollars a month you can have an entire reputation marketing program that follows all of the rules of the industry and gives you more control over what happens with reviews posted online.

We only create, that isn’t the right word, we only facilitate reviews from legitimate customers. If they are unhappy with your product or service, you find out about it before it becomes an international incident on yelp. If they are happy with your product or service, they are then encouraged to post a quick review on Google, Facebook, yelp or just about anyplace else you want to.

And here’s the best part: all of the positive reviews that are placed on those websites can now be placed on your website and showing that it is a legitimate review from an actual customer that is posted on an authorized platform.

It isn’t fake.

It isn’t contrived.

It is real and it helps you bring in more customers that have more confidence in what you can do for them.

All of this results in additional sales to your business.

Please contact us today regarding this powerful platform that can be handled very inexpensively yet may result in a dramatic increase in your ability to generate more sales and acquire new customers.

Call us today at 775-722-4949 and let’s get started on building your online reputation.