Al Lachner is a great guy who needed to integrate his Blogger account, his Facebook account, his Twitter account, his LinkedIn account, his Google Plus account, his Tumblr account and his new website, which we designed. Now he makes one post and it shows up on everyone of his accounts and all of it drives his 15,000+ followers back to his website for more personal interaction and conversion.

It has been a pleasure to work with him.


Kim is a wonderful interior designer who needed her business to show up in the search engines. Any business related to the construction industry has been severely hit in recent years and that, in combination of complete invisibility online, only made matters worse. It only took her about a YEAR to finally trust me enough to build a website for her and to do the marketing needed to get her found. It only took about 3 months and now she is obviously very happy with the results (as you can tell from the video). She very enthusiastically agreed to create this video for us.



Damien gives his testimony of the work done for him in creating his is social media campaigns for his 11 apartment complexes and their Facebook pages. This was a complicated campaign with the referral system for those who lived in the apartment complexes giving them a financial incentive to refer their friends. We're dealing with close to 100 photos and 11 logos and making it all work together!

If you would like to use the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to promote your business, then please give us a call at 775-722-4949. Let The WebSmith Group handle all the complicated programming to get them all to work together correctly. And let us handle your design and optimization of each of those different websites to make sure they work as desired.