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The greatest advertising and marketing medium in the history of the world is right before your very eyes.

You are reading these words on a website that is connected to trillions of other websites and searchable by billions of people. In just a few short years the entire world has changed and your business has either benefited from it, been trampled by it or been left completely in the dust. There really isn't any other option.

Years ago all the power of advertising was held in the hands of a select few marketing and advertising agencies who were hired by businesses because they understood the complexities of TV and video production, newspaper placement, the medium of radio, the importance of paying thousands of dollars a month for the largest Yellow Pages ad, and the enormous plethora of print options: magazines, signs, post cards, billboards, etc.

These marketing and advertising agencies had a mystery about them as to what phraseology would convert to a sale and the importance of branding with the power of color or celebrity status. They used creativity as the justification for their fees and also created those lousy used-car commercials that is the cause for the "mute" button to wear out on a TV Remote. Some of the richest people in our country were involved in advertising and their stories have become legendary.

And all that changed somewhere in the late 1990s.

The Internet was born and it has changed our lives in more ways than people can comprehend. What was at first thought of as being an impossible fad, has become the dominant source for a host of businesses, agencies, governments and action groups. Many of the early adopters made obscene amounts of money, usually using unethical tactics. Those unethical tactics have caused companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to adapt and implement rules regarding what constitutes legitimacy and relevancy. 

They also prevented your site from being easily found. 

But the competition for Internet supremacy has become fierce because now enters social media. What originally started out as nothing more than an elaborate dewey-decimal system to find relevant articles (the early arpa-net), has now become the place where many spend hours a day communicating, sharing and gossiping.

Those who failed to adapt to the early directions of the Internet had better learn to adapt to the power of social media.

The fact is, your business is listed somewhere online, usually in hundreds of places. We run across businesses every day that had no idea what was being said about them. Social media has completely changed the world.

Social media has brought dramatic notice to causes and issues of our times. It has gotten people arrested, pointed out the unfairness of the judge's decision, has rallied millions to a cause and even brought down governments. And it's power is only beginning to be fully realized.

Powerful reputations have sometimes been destroyed whether it was true or not. Competitors hiding under pseudonyms and avatars have maligned the good deeds of another in their industry. But the opposite is also true, those who've been known to be shysters and charlatans have been forced to face the facts, now that the whole world can know of their tactics in a matter of minutes.

No wonder so many governments fear its power!

Many of the old systems of advertising have lost much of their luster and capability to persuade. The Yellow Pages now make excellent doorstops and booster seats. The newspaper industry is now the fastest declining industry in the country. Every radio and television ad point you to a website or their Facebook page, and every single day somebody searches for your product or service online whether you are there on the front page or not. 

We at The WebSmith Group are dedicated to providing the much-needed service of getting your business found. Whether someone types it in a search engine like Google, goes to Facebook or Twitter, follows a connection from LinkedIn, learns about your reputation on Yelp, or asks Siri on the phone who the best choice would be, . . . we want them to find you.

Nothing is more frustrating than to type in your product or service and all you see all of your competitors. You know you're missing out. You know that the competitor, who isn't even half as good as you, is getting the business. You know it and you hate it. And we are here to change that.

And we're also going to change the way you are used to doing business. We offer a guarantee for the work we do. Because of the constantly changing nature of the Internet our team of designers, programmers, scripters, copywriters and marketing people are continuously honing their skills and learning the latest proper tips and techniques. 

We also have a guy that keeps abreast of the latest unethical tactics, called black hat techniques. Why would we do that? The first reason is, because we don't want to be caught doing it. Some things that are accepted today may not be accepted tomorrow whether they are proper or not. The other reason is that many times we can find that when someone is proposing to do for you, can be very damaging.

So here is our guarantee: we will give you a written proposal according to your budget outlining what it is we will do. We are certain that you will find this proposal far more detailed than you have ever seen before. In that proposal will show you three ranges of objectives: Basic, Advanced, and Over The Top. We guarantee that 40% of all searches done in our Basic program will result in you being found on the first page of Google. The other two categories require significantly greater amounts of time and money to reach those objectives and so we cannot guarantee them.

So once you give us your budget and we provide you a proposal, we will go to work creating what we are certain is the most powerful marketing plan you have ever been involved in. All work is paid for in advance because of the nature of the Internet: nothing can be rescinded or removed. A single post of an article may be distributed to hundreds of other websites in a matter of minutes and therefore irretrievable.

You will also get detailed monthly reports on your status and situation, where you currently stand compared to where you were and suggestions of how to improve things. We guarantee that working with us be one of the most refreshing experiences you've ever had in marketing your business online.

My name is Kelly Smith and I am president of The WebSmith Group of Internet Marketing specialists. I have a Masters degree in Internet Marketing and love nothing more than having happy customers pay me lots of money because I bring them more and more business from online resources than they have ever had before. Please give me a call today at 775-722-4949 and let's get started on analyzing your current online situation and recommend a detailed and powerful approach to moving forward.

Call us today: (775) 722-4949


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